Amish and Anabaptist History

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Books on Amish History

Amish historyDrummer’s Wife
This is a collection of gripping, but true stories about the first generation of Anabaptists in the Netherlands. The stories, although dramatized, are all taken from historic Anabaptist source books, such as Martyrs Mirror.
300 pp. Paperback. $5.50


Anabaptist historyFire in the Zurich Hills

The true story of the first Anabaptists in Zurich, Switzerland. A flowing account of the birth of Anabaptism—that reads like a novel.
351 pp. Paper. $6.50


Martyrs MirrorMartyr’s Mirror Made Plain

James W. Lowry. Martyrs’ Mirror is the large volume that covers the history of Amish and Mennonite martyrs. This unique work helps the reader to study and profit from Martyrs Mirror.
149 pages. Paperback. $5.50



Anabaptist historyHistory of the Bernese Anabaptists

The author was a 19th century Reformed minister who lived in Berne, Switzerland. He thoroughly researched the history of the Anabaptists in the Berne canton, and he writes with great empathy for them. He describes their imprisonment, sale as galley slaves, suffering, and forced exile from Switzerland. A scholarly work that is also very readable. Now available in English for the first time!
504 pp. Hardback. $10.50


Amish settlementsAmish in America, settlements that failed

This large book contains the history of 100 extinct Amish settlements, from 1840 through 1960. These settlements were in thirty different states and Mexico. The book not only describes the settlements, but explains why they failed.
555 pp. Hardback. $19.50




Dortrecht ConfessionHow Dordrecht Confession Came Down To Us

This booklet explains the history of the Dortrecht Confession and how it came down to the Anabaptists of today. The Dortrecht Confession of the Anabaptists stands in contrast to the statements of belief produced by the major Reformers.
44 pp. booklet. $2.50




Amish communitiesWhy Some Amish Communities Fail

David Luthy. This booklet sets forth the various reasons why different Amish communities established between 1961 and 2007 failed. But it is much more than a history lesson. All those seeking to start new churches can learn from the mistakes these communities made.
26 pp. booklet. $3.00


Amish book

Harry’s Journey

This is the true story of the author’s grandfather, Harry Stauffer, who at the age of four saw his little world fall sadly apart upon the death of his mother. He and his five siblings were placed by their father into various foster homes. Harry’s life became one long round of uncertainty, rejection, and heartache.
222 pp. Sewn paperback. $5.25



Why I Do Not Take the Sword-MennoniteWhy I Do Not Take The Sword

A personal true story and historical account of the Russian Mennonites during the Russian Revolution in World War I. 158 pp. $5.25


S-Dirk Willems- Noble Deed auxDirk Willems: His Noble Deed Lives On

David Luthy. Dirk Willems is one of the best-known Anabaptist martyrs of all time. Anyone who has read his story in the Martyrs Mirror cannot help but be moved by it. Arrested for his Christian beliefs, he escaped from the castle dungeon and dashed across the frozen moat to safety. However, the guard pursuing him broke through the ice and was drowning. Moved by love, Dirk went back and pulled the drowning man to safety. However, the guard arrested him and Dirk later was burned at the stake.
This unique book not only recounts the story of Dirk’s martyrdom, but traces the many places his life’s story has been recounted during the last 500 years throughout the world. It also contains various poems written about Willems and reproduces in color many of the paintings that portray his noble deed.
Large 8-1/2 x 11 hardback. 82 pp.